The modern society is said to be far developed when compared to the old times. But what about our dependence tendency? Has it really developed? Unfortunately, ‘No’! Regarding the basic skills required for survival, the modern men are miles behind their forefathers. Have a look at The Lost Ways where this scenario is interestingly portrayed. is of the opinion that only fighters can survive in this world.

The people nowadays are substantially dependent on the so-called ‘social system’ for all their needs. The system comprises of the complex supply chain and the utility services. It is the supply chain that provides the society with all its needs, right from basic needs such as food to the complex ones including smartphones and computers. If the supply chain is disrupted, then all are lost. The skill to survive in adversity is the crucial requirement of the modern society.

The success depends on how well each one reacts to adversities. In the past, there were situations, where you either learn a skill and survive or perish. As a result, the generations before us know more lifesaving skills than us. Here are some of them that most of the new generation members may not be practising at all.

Home Gardens For Food Cultivation
The custom of having a vegetable garden for the necessary food requirements started during World War II. Home gardens are excellent ways to attain self-sufficiency. The plants take some time to grow, so you have to plan ahead and go for it.

Raising Animals For Food
In the past, many people used to raise at least one or two animals in their home. The animals were mainly chicken, rabbit, goat, etc. which were used as a source of food as well.

Unlike the hunting now, the hunting in the olden days was not just for time pass; they were means of livelihood and food. The hunters those days were well aware of the techniques to hunt various animals and birds.

Just hunting enough would not make an animal or bird edible. It has to be butchered and cleaned properly failing which will make it unhealthy. The people those days were masters of this practice also.

Food Preservation Techniques
Nowadays, there are latest technologies for food preservation; but that was not the case in the past. They had traditional methods such as canning, smoking, etc. to preserve food. Those were all safe and effective.

Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Mechanical Repair
Blacksmithing and carpentry are the skills to make and repair anything out of metal and wood respectively. If a crisis strikes and the electric power is not available, then all these skills would be necessary for survival.

Herbal Medicines
Traditional medicines were all herbal and made using simple techniques. Doctors those days used to prepare medicines on their own. Knowledge about traditional medicines can help save the present generation from adverse situations such as the non-availability of modern medicines.

These skills are worth learning irrespective of the current status of living. Learning such skills ensures that you will stay strongly rooted even in the worst storm!

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